How I Help Leaders of Teams

How I Help Leaders of Teams

Most people look for guidance for two reasons and I can help with both.

Successful leaders know that it can be beneficial to reach out when they want to do big things and get it done fast. They want to proactively address anything that might get in the way.  Accomplishing ambitious goals often requires doing things differently and implementing difficult change. Understanding what is specifically required for your team to make a big leap will enable you to prepare and execute effectively.

Being proactively engaged gets you where you want to go.

Insightful people seek help when they get frustrated. They are willing to self reflect and know, deep down, that something is wrong.

Perhaps, as a leader, you’ve made a list of issues (horrified by the amount) and are now feeling overwhelmed. Perhaps you don’t feel like you are steering the ship, and instead are letting circumstances, employees or excuses control your business.

Avoidance gets you nowhere. 

At the end of the day, or week, or month, you may realize that you're avoiding making key decisions. Addressing internal conflict, hiring the people you need or firing the toxic employee that keeps ticking off your customers is hard.

 These Skills Can be Learned

If you are proactively preparing to lead and execute transformative change to achieve big goals, we identify the key skills and behaviors you and your team need to be successful. Using a data based assessment, I identify the key abilities that are most important to reach your specific goals, and guide your team to acquiring those capabilities up front.

If you are trying to improve the functionality of your team, we get to the true root cause of what’s keeping your team from being as successful as you can be.

The reality is that your issues, concerns or problems are only symptoms. Trying to address each one on it’s own is pointless. I help you hone in on the specific behaviors, reactions and ways of thinking that are getting in your team's way. .

It’s kind of like going to a doctor who listens to everything that is going on, and refers you to a bunch of specialists who will only address one symptom at a time. It's not very efficient, and often not successful.

The best diagnosticians looks for the one thing that is causing all of your symptoms. Our diagnostic process and data based assessment, identifies the most critical component for your future success.

What I Do for Team Leaders

Eliminate the underlying cause and all the symptoms all go away!

If you know something is wrong, we can help you identify and fix it. If you have a swarm of constant worries, thoughts or problems constantly buzzing in your head day in and day out, we can help you sort through what the real issues are, and what root causes need to be addressed to solve every single one.

How I Work With Team Leaders

How I Work With Leaders of Teams

Together we will develop the two or three outrageously important goals that must be met by you and your team, or the rest of your goals become moot. We will focus on how you react, behave and respond as a team.

We use a science based approach, starting with an assessment which identifies the specific, key behavioral response patterns the team needs in order to work together as a successful unit.

The solution we develop is unique to your team, and based on what is required to meet your outrageously important goals.

Our process achieves results quickly, can be completed by team members virtually (by phone and email) and requires only a few hours per week.

Once complete, the entire team will have the ability to sustain the changes on their own.

“My interactions with Susan have really changed me, personally and professionally, as well as helping me lead my senior management team to making significant organizational changes.

Susan takes the time to learn about the people involved and their skill sets. She first gives valuable perspective on what the issues really are. Ultimately Susan is the best at identifying the true root causes and providing creative ways to address them.

Susan is a great mentor and really knows how to help people get to where they need to be from where they are. That is such a difficult thing to be able to do and she does it effortlessly."
Tiffany Steele Human Resources Director Gannett DESC

Based in Science
Getting to the Root Cause

Behavior-based change

The standard approach to achieving goals or address nagging issues or big problems is to focus on changing processes and systems, or to try to apply generic solutions. In reality, the only way to successfully implement change is through people's behaviors – how they do their jobs, how they think, how they respond and how they adapt.

We will identify your specific root causes and design a unique solution to achieve your goals.

Embracing Resistance

Change is inevitable in today’s dynamic business environment, but it doesn’t have to be hard. I make change SIMPLE for my clients. I understand why people resist change and know what the brain needs to modify behavior. Without acknowledging resistance the brain can’t change.

My approach is designed to deliberately welcome and focus your resistance, so you can learn to overcome it. 

Rewiring Your Brain (for business success)

Rewiring Your Brain (for business success)

I specialize in helping individuals and businesses make really difficult changes. My approach works when others fail because it focuses on the thing that matters most – human behavior. We know the science behind why people get stuck and I teach my clients how to "rewire their brain" to make major changes in the way they approach different problems on a daily basis.

Our process is simple, quick and virtual. More importantly, my rewiring process allows my clients to sustain their way of thinking—indefinitely.

Ongoing Coaching

While the changes that result from our process are permanent and self-sustainable, many people find ongoing coaching on how to apply their new skills to the foundations of their business helpful. An outside perspective can be extremely powerful and keep you focused on what’s important.

“Susan is one the most amazing professionals/individuals I know. She is caring, meticulous, an excellent listener, and a fast learner. She understands a wide variety of issues as well as complex problems which allows her to provide insight and produce at the highest performance standards.”
Reut Schwartz Hebron – President/Founder Key Change Institute