I am Susan Vogel, founder of S.B. Vogel Consulting LLC. I am an active listener whose goal is to positively impact my clients both professionally and personally. I am tenacious in my approach, a creative problem solver, and an astute diagnostician. As an experienced leader and consultant, my goal is to consistently help people hone in on what is really important to them... and guide them on how to achieve it. I am skilled in helping individuals and organizations maximize their potential and achieve their goals. My approach applies knowledge of the brain science behind learning and changing behaviors in a pragmatic way for my clients.

Why I Focus on People

It became clear to me that transformative change not only impacted business results but resulted in higher customer satisfaction and happier, more engaged employees. Ultimately, it was about people. I wanted to utilize the skills and experience gained at Alcoa and use it to help other companies implement dramatic, and often difficult change. With a partner, I launched Partners in Performance Consulting, a Change Management consulting firm focused on helping clients develop value through people, processes and results.


After receiving a BBA in Marketing and Finance from the University of Wisconsin - Madison, I started my career in Sales at Alcoa, working with a range of customers, from Fortune 100 customers to small privately owned companies. I quickly rose through several, challenging management positions, benefiting from world class training and increasingly greater responsibilities. While reporting to the President of the CSI Division, I held several senior management positions including Manager of Customer Support U.S. and Manager of Reengineering. I was chosen to participate in a Reengineering Study Mission, and given access to five major corporations and their leaders who were considered best practice in implementing organizational change. I then led two transformative enterprise-wide change initiatives for Alcoa.

Working to Change Behaviors

More recently, I had the opportunity to work with Key Change Institute - a  privately owned management consulting firm specializing in implementing difficult change utilizing methodology based on brain science research. We partnered with senior corporate strategic leaders and business owners. It was the perfect marriage between best practice business principles and the proven science of how to help people implement change.

Always interested in psychology and how our brains work, I actively educated myself to further understand what motivates people. Now trained and certified in KCI’s Change Acquisition Methodology, I work with business owners and empowered corporate team leaders. My focus is to help them identify their most important goals, quantify the change required to achieve them, and support them to execute the needed changes, utilizing a science-based methodology.

My approach and diagnostic skills identify and eliminate the true root cause of issues resulting in optimized, and sustainable, business results.